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The support from a Mentor was a big attraction

I have gone from a 40” waist to a healthy 34” waist

Back in 2019 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and this was when I became more conscious of my weight, but I let it get completely out of control.

My wife had seen how people she knew had successfully lost weight with LighterLife, and suggested I give it a go.

Weekly Support

The support from a Mentor was a big attraction and the fact that the TotalFast plan is so simple to follow. The daily WhatApp messages made a big difference in making sure I kept my goals at the forefront of my mind every day and they were a constant motivation for me.

The weight loss was significant and kept me going, I even stayed on plan longer than I expected as I felt so good.

My health

Since losing over 5 stone my GP has told me that my diabetes is in remission and that I no longer need medication, my blood pressure is amazing, and my cholesterol is low. I’m so happy with how this has panned out.

My Wardrobe

I’ve gone from a 40” waist to a 34” waist and my shirts are now a L and not XXL. My old jeans are like clown pants, and I have managed to resurrect some of my favourite shirts that I thought had been consigned to the “never fit in that again” category. I can now jog without getting breathless, walk further and taste food again (wow, I never knew green leaf salads had so many varied flavours).

My tip for staying on plan, create a video in your head of what your ultimate goal is and keep playing that video in your head whenever you get tempted.