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Fed up of wearing size 34, Gill dropped an astonishing 10 dress sizes under a year

Fast Weight Loss Success, Gill lost 10st 6lbs with LighterLife

“I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years. I’d lose initially then the weight loss would slow down, along with my motivation. I knew I had to do something different and did a lot of research into my options. I even considered weight loss surgery.

Change is possible.

I looked at LighterLife because I saw a picture of a friend who had reached her goal weight through LighterLife, and I was amazed at how she looked.  I went onto the LighterLife website and read everything!  And I mean every little bit of that website!  What convinced me most was that I knew the fast weight loss would help me stay motivated and I hoped that the CBT Mindfulness support would teach me how to change my bad habits for life.

I decided to sit down with my family to tell them just how bad my binge eating and drinking had become, and that I felt that LighterLife was my lifeline!  I worried that they wouldn’t understand but they were all fully supportive and have been with me every step of the way, always encouraging me and doing whatever they could to help.  When my husband and then my daughter started their own LighterLife journeys I could not have been happier.  I’m so proud of everything we have collectively achieved as a family.

Luckily, I have a patient family!  

When I started the thought of being able to lose over 10 stone seemed an impossible task, but it actually passed very quickly and each month I was rewarded by going down another dress size. In the group, and with the help of my Mentor, Patricia Lewis, I was learning so much about myself. It was a real journey of self-discovery for me!

In the past, I tried different diets, however I would eventually start to feel resentful that I was depriving myself of my favourite foods, so I would “cheat” and then fall off the diet wagon.  I have started countless diets!

LighterLife is different.

I loved the simplicity, the consistent weight loss – choose four packs a day and then forget about food as all the counting and nutrition work is done for you. The other major difference was having the support of my Mentor. She never let me criticise myself or get stuck in a negative-thought spiral and would always get me thinking about which of the LighterLife tools could be used to help me at that moment.

My first week on TotalFast was astonishing!

I was so shocked during my first week on LighterLife.  I was fully prepared to be hungry, and my major worry was how I would cope with being hungry, but that makes me laugh now. After the first three or four days, I was in ketosis and therefore had a massive surge of energy that has never left me since.

Our group WhatsApp is a lovely, friendly, safe space where everyone encourages each other, and I still participate in the posts and discussions even now that I’ve reached my goal weight. The Facebook group is a great place for tips and Foodpack hacks. The Facebook live CBT Mindfulness Sessions are also rewarding which I often dip into as I find I get a different perspective on things because the audience is so varied.

I’m looking forward to the future.

I’ve enjoyed Summer 2022 as a slim woman, and we spent our holiday in France where I was able to wear shorts and little dresses. I felt fabulous!  To be confident in a swimsuit felt amazing.

At my heaviest I struggled to walk very far and going upstairs was painful on my knees and hips. Now I run up and down stairs without even thinking about it.

I’ve been running around the park, climbing over rocks and up hills with my gorgeous grandson.  My confidence and self-worth is so much better, and I am proud of my weight loss and my self-development.”

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