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Are you as happy as a sand boy? Can life not get any better? We know it can. If you want to live lighter - in body and in mind - then you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of. We’re also dispelling all those shocking diet myths, that only serve to stop you, making a positive change to a healthier you.



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“I feel incredible”

I had tried slimming clubs in the past but none of them ever worked for me. I knew I needed something different, so I joined LighterLife. 

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There’s a lot of
science behind this

And it shows it works. We have over 30 years of research and experience behind our programme, and a range of nutritional, psychological and medical experts, so you can trust we understand and know what can really help you.

We’ve discovered that most people’s food issues have little to do with physical hunger, but that talking them through with a small group of people using proven techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (used in the NHS) is the key to managing a healthy BMI long term. Every year we publish evidence our programme works. In fact the International Congress on Obesity published a paper in 2016 which shows that attending LighterLife groups regularly, along with a VLCD plan helps you lose more weight*.

We’re also incredibly proud to be the only plan on the market that meets all EU and UK standards. We continually invest in R&D and believe this is the best quality you can get and really fantastic nutrition.

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Why LighterLife?

  1. 1Lose weight fast and keep it off - so you can live the life you want.
  2. 2A unique programme that really works - based on 30 years of research.
  3. 3Available nationwide, no matter where you live.
  4. 4Your golden opportunity to find out why you overeat - key to your long term success.
  5. 5A team that knows what it's like to struggle with weight - that's why we developed LighterLife.
  1. 6Expertly trained Counsellors and Mentors - helping you manage your triggers for overeating.
  2. 7The best support - in person, online, on the phone, in group, free app and more.
  3. 8Top quality, super-tasty nutrition - meeting all UK and EU standards.
  4. 9No calorie counting, no point-scoring, no fuss - simple, fast weight loss.
  5. 10400,000 people have lost weight and changed their lives with LighterLife - you can too.