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Little changes make all the difference

It’s almost six weeks since the New Year; and if you are one of the people who have been on the LighterLife Total Plan, then you could now be well over a stone lighter.

Perhaps now is the perfect time to really start to think about what you are going to change after you have lost your weight, to prevent the same weight finding you again.

BUT – little changes can make all the difference.

Eating 100 Calories a day more than you need. Means you will put on 10 pounds over a year.

Did you know that ALL of the below equal 100 calories each?…

To counteract this – you could walk or run an extra mile a day (burning 100 Cals), which means that you can eat 100 Calories more than you need without gaining the extra weight.

Long term maintenance is about making long term changes and our Management Plan is available to help you identify new behaviour to ensure your dream weight is achieved and maintained for life.

Now, while you are still losing weight, is the perfect time to start thinking about the long-term changes you will be making to make your dream stay true.