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How hot are you?

Spring is coming to an end, and summer is on its way.

This year, it seems that summer has been here for some while – lots of sun, warm weather and hardly any rain.

We seem to have fallen into two camps during lock-down – there are those who have taken the opportunity of no, or at least very little, social functions to use the time to their advantage and have been doing the Total programme and are a number of stone lighter – and then others who have been using food to deal with stress, worry, isolation, fear etc and have been putting on weight.

At LighterLife we know that food does so much more than just fill our stomachs.

The circumstances are changing all the time, the concerns are not going away, and perhaps now is the time, if you haven’t already done so, to start to think about getting your body into as good a shape as possible.

 Summer may well be colder and wetter from time to time than spring was – and with the changes in lockdown rules it means that you can now go out and about more – will you be covering up the body, or will you be letting it out?

Will the new ‘normal’ be just the same as the old ‘normal’?

Is now the opportunity to look at what we were doing before, and make choices about what we really want from our life and make different choices going forward?

Many of us have spent the last few weeks slopping around in sandals, PJs, trackkie bottoms or baggy shorts and tee shirts – as we get back to the new normal, how is it going to be for you putting back on those work clothes, (and shoes)? There is still time to get that end of lockdown body looking as good as possible.

How comfortable will you be in the heat?


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