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For Jo Hurley, it was all about feeling amazing wearing her New Year’s Eve dress!

I have gone from a 28 dress size to a size 14. It was New Year’s Eve 2021 that made me decide to start the plan. There were a lot of older women that were dressed in much nicer and more modern clothes than I had.

Why I chose LighterLife?

LighterLife took all the temptations away, so I was able to remain determined, focused and stay in control. I became a member of the gym whilst I was on the plan and was able to work out with no side effects, even while consuming fewer calories. I can honestly say I did not once come off the Programme. I had solid losses every week, even after going on five holidays/mini weekend breaks, hosting a Queen’s jubilee party for all the family with a large buffet, and hosting a Christmas party at the bowls club where I catered for 80 people.

I have tried other diets; however, they did not work for me. I feel that they encourage you to eat a lot of food and also having syns/treats does not work for me, as there is far too much temptation to fall off the programme. Because I have always battled with my weight, I’ve tried every other diet out there without success.
I wanted the guarantee that I will have weight loss every week, I didn’t want a diet that I would be on plan all week, yet would stay the same weight, or result in a very minor loss. I wanted results and I wanted the results fast, and that’s exactly what I found with LighterLife.

The support really did help

I attended all the meetings held and found them very beneficial. For me, I needed to have these and being weighed each week was also something that I needed to keep me on track. Even though the weight loss keeps you motivated, I found sharing the journey made this a lot easier. It’s good to talk!!
I used the WhatsApp group chat to share pictures of my progress, and this also helped others that were perhaps struggling.

My Mentor Jacqueline, provided me with lots of support, great advice and the CBT Mindfulness sessions really did help. I feel that I have met such great people who have helped me and hopefully I have helped them too. I plan to continue with my Mentor as I embark on my management journey.

How has your wardrobe changed?

I play bowls, and last year I was able to wear shorts like everyone else and feel confident. I dropped my shirt size from a 7XL to a size medium! I won an Essex County competition with my club and will have my picture in the county book and will be able to look at this with pride.

This is me New Year’s Eve 2021 vs 2022:

Jo’s Tips…

I was totally focused and determined to succeed. I am living proof that this Programme will give you the results you want and fast. I am of an age where losing weight is harder. On other Plans, there is always a way of falling off the plan which can easily become a way of making excuses for falling off the wagon, with LighterLife you don’t have that option. It’s really simple to follow and the support is fantastic which you don’t get with other plans.

There is no question this is the best diet and would 100% recommend this.



If you, like Jo, also need support on your own journey, at LighterLife we have lots of support to help you on your journey. Get in touch with your personal Mentor by doing a postcode search here or emailing findmymentor@lighterlife.com