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Peter lost 9st 7lbs on the TotalFast plan


Peter struggled with his weight for many years. Over the years he tried different types of diets, however he always found his weight loss to be too slow, which demotivated him and eventually led to him falling off plan. He needed to change his approach to weight loss and decided to sign up to our TotalFast plan.

Change is possible

Our TotalFast plan is designed to be quick and easy to follow and during our CBT Mindfulness sessions you will learn the techniques needed to sustain long-term weight management.

Within 11 months of following the TotalFast plan, Peter had lost an incredible 9st 7lbs. “Once you have made the decision to lose the weight, the LighterLife Programme becomes relatively easy. However, you do need to have focus and be mentally prepared for the journey you are about to embark on.”

The CBT Mindfulness sessions helped change my mindset. 

“I realised that in the past I was eating excessively through boredom and bad habits, you do not need that amount of food. The CBT sessions also taught me that I was eating completely the wrong foods, and this ultimately had a detrimental effect on my health. My life has been transformed immeasurably through the LighterLife Programme. Since losing the weight, I have completely changed the way I see food and what I eat.”

Management and beyond.

“To manage my new weight long-term, I am continuing to use the LighterLife meal replacement Foodpacks during the week and I am much more active. I now exercise for 1.5 hours each day, 5 days a week. This involves spin classes for calorie burning and weights for toning.”

Peter’s advice for a healthier future.

“For anyone considering joining LighterLife, I would say you should absolutely do it. Embark on your own LighterLife journey – it will completely transform your life for the better.

The best thing for me was getting my life back and becoming the outgoing person I once was before gaining all my weight. I am now more mobile, I socialise much more, and I have booked a skydive. My life has been completely transformed. Since losing the weight I have even had to change my wardrobe a number of times. I have gone from a 46inch waist to a 32inch waist and that wouldn’t have been possible without LighterLife’s Programme.”

With us you are not alone.  We know losing weight can be tough, that’s why we have lots of support to help you on your journey. Get in touch with your personal Mentor by doing a postcode search here or emailing findmymentor@lighterlife.com.