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Penny has transformed her life since losing weight on our TotalFast plan

Penny LighterLife Fast weight loss client success story

Since the young age of 16, Penny has spent years of yo-yo dieting. She’s tried many different diets over the years but claims the only time she’d maintained at a healthy weight was from her first weight-loss with LighterLife 11 years prior.

‘I kept myself at a healthy weight using the tools and knowledge learnt from my LighterLife group sessions – but after 2 children, and then a global pandemic… I just didn’t have the coping mechanisms.’ Penny decided to come back to LighterLife as she knew it had worked for her previously. The CBT Mindfulness and hot topic discussions that take place in group kept her focused and determined to reach her goal. ‘I knew I would see results quickly if I stuck to the plan, but I  wanted to refresh and give myself the best chance of success.’

Reaching your goal weight is simple with LighterLife.

‘Once ketosis kicked in, I felt full of energy and I had a huge rush of enthusiasm and excitement. Extra energy and the time saved not cooking food – I was an achievement machine!
I’ve lost 5 stone since returning to LighterLife, which took me just under six months. I originally set a goal of losing 3 stone just to “get the worst off” but I found it so easy once I was started and decided to reset my goal to get to a healthy BMI.’

I experienced lightbulb moments with support from my Mentor

The support of my Mentor, Hazel Harrod, both in how she ran and engaged with the group around each weeks’ hot topic, as well as the time she took to check in with us individually is what makes the difference. It makes you feel supported and accountable during your journey and it helped me to understand a few home truths I wouldn’t have found out on my own. The group isn’t about comparing your weight loss – it’s about shared experiences and support. It’s a powerful difference that meant I kept showing up even after “a wobble”.

Having Hazel’s support has been priceless. I’m pretty sure she’s saved my life. I know she has been instrumental in how I’ve changed my life for the better. #changeispossible. I also joined the TotalFast private Facebook support group where lots of great tips and success stories are shared from other people following the programme.

I love my new wardrobe.

I’ve dropped from a size 20/22 to a comfortable size 12. My wardrobe is much more fitted these days. I have a waist! I like to wear clothes with shape rather than as camouflage. I’m also wearing a lot more sporty clothing as I’m much more active now than I was before I lost the weight.

I’ve rediscovered running again!

I needed to get healthy to give my children the parent they deserve. Not just to be able to enjoy playing with them while they are young but to be healthy into a grand old age so I can still support them rather than become a burden. That’s my purpose and it keeps me focused to be there for them.

I’ve also rediscovered running and I’ve completed a 25k race but that’s just training for my first “ultra” distance in late May 2022.

To anyone on TotalFast I would say…

‘Figure out your why – “why do you want to be lighter and healthier?” Then when you are struggling you can choose between a snack, drink, or takeaway, and achieving your purpose quicker.

My children and their future are why I need to be and stay healthy. It will always be more important than chocolate or cake, or an extra helping. Having that clarity makes it a clear choice even after a bad day to stay on plan.’

If like Penny, you are ready to start your LighterLife journey, find your personal Mentor by clicking here.