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Nicky James has lost 9st 4lb on our TotalFast plan

Nicky Fast Weight Loss Success

Start weight: 21st
Weight-loss: 9st 4lb

Nicky has always struggled with her weight. In the past she has yoyo-dieted to control her weight, but once she became pregnant with her little boy back in 2017, the weight started to pile on. Nicky decided enough was enough when her scales tipped 21st back in June 2020. She started the LighterLife programme and began her weight-loss journey.

Getting started!

“The fact that the plan is so structured and easy to follow helps. Plus week after week you get good losses which keep you motivated. The first few days can be hard, but then it’s one of the simplest plans to follow. The packs taste lovely – my three favourite LighterLife meals (that I have pretty much every day) are the chocolate shake, spaghetti bolognese and the toffee bar. I love them.

The LighterLife CBT sessions helped me realise that I use almost every situation as an excuse to eat! I’m tired – so I eat, I’m happy – so I eat, I’m sad – so I eat, I have had a good day, bad day, etc. I got to the stage where I don’t think I was even tasting what I ate. I wasn’t enjoying food and I was feeling ill often.”

A healthier future!

Since losing 9st 4lbs on our TotalFast plan, Nicky is feeling healthier. She’s full of energy and can now play with her little boy all the time. “He gets me on the slide and swings, I use to just watch him play. I run 3-4 times a week and enjoy it, I never thought I would say that. I sleep much better. I don’t ache all the time anymore which I did before.

Since losing weight I have taken up running – I can run for miles. I’m even planning on doing a marathon this year. I can play in the park with my little boy. I can reach the top shelf of the kitchen cupboards as my belly is not in the way anymore, and I can do the housework without having a rest!

The TotalFast plan works because it is so structured and easy to follow. You get results quickly! It’s worth it as the results can be amazing.  I have also become a LighterLife Mentor since losing weight and I now help others to lose weight and be the best version of themselves.”

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