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Katie lost 5st on our TotalFast plan

Weight lost: 5 stone
Weight loss plan: TotalFast

“I feel like I’m living my life again and its wonderful!”

I started LighterLife in August 2019 on the recommendation of a friend who’d successfully lost 5st following the plan. I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst at the start of 2019, unfortunately as the year progressed the cyst was doubling in size on a quarterly basis. By August the cyst had grown, and my specialist recommended surgery to remove it. Having researched the procedure thoroughly (never having had what I’d consider a ‘proper’ op really) I soon concluded that I had to lose weight to make my recovery quicker and reduce the risks of undergoing general anesthesia. I was the biggest I have ever been; 14st 3lbs.

I managed to lose a little weight (7lbs) using my ‘tried and tested’ weight watcher type programme but it was slow progress and frankly demoralising. If you’re going to eat like a sparrow and be generally starving, you really do want to see results.

It was at this point my pal intervened and told me to try LighterLife. In her words, if she could do it, then so could I and I will be forever in her debt for encouraging me to take that first step. I was at that stage 13st 10lbs.

My self-confidence and self-esteem had plummeted to zero at this point. A couple of years of overindulgence had led me to what I now see as being depressed really, I was unhappy with every aspect of my life and it manifested itself in my waistline. I barely recognised the person who looked back at me in the mirror.

I honestly didn’t know whether I could follow the plan, but I knew my health was on the line and I needed to try at least. My Mentor Zoe was fantastic and really supported and encouraged me. I maintained focus and managed to lose 2st 10lbs before my first operation. Interestingly the cyst hadn’t grown since the point I started LighterLife, having had an MRI just beforehand. I can’t prove it but will always attribute this to my diet, I changed nothing else in that time.

I sought medical advice from LighterLife who were great, though unfortunately they recommended not doing TotalFast for three months post op. In that time, I put about a stone on.

It then transpired that the cyst was a borderline tumour and I had to have a second op to remove the ovary entirely. So, I went back on TotalFast and once again managed to get my weight down to 11st pre-op. The operation went well and after a month of recovery I got back on plan and I reached my goal and hit 9st 8lbs.

I’ve gone on to maintaining my weight, which I have genuinely never managed before. I have a healthy BMI, my skin has cleared up, my hair is in better condition, my brain doesn’t feel slow and sluggish. Its mind blowing. I’m happier and healthier than I have been in a decade, I could never do justice to just how amazing I feel now. I’m in control, LOVING what I’m eating and spending far too much money on clothes I actually do need because none of my old clothes fit me! Life is great again. We always anticipate the physical benefits you get from weight loss, but I’ve been amazed at what a mental weight I was also carrying around with that extra 5st. I feel like I’m living my life again and it’s wonderful.