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I’ve tried many diets multiple times but nothing compares to LighterLife

My Doctor told me my life expectancy had been reduced due to my being obese. Both my sons were married, and I wanted to still be here for any grandchildren who might appear.  I’d tried a number of other diet programmes, very unsuccessfully and then a work colleague recommended LighterLife, and I’ve never looked back.

Why I chose LighterLife

Mainly due to the advice of my colleague and also, importantly for me, the success of my first fortnight on plan. I’ve tried many diets multiple times but nothing compares to LighterLife. I’m a bit of a loner, and shy when it comes to my weight issues. Having been embarrassed by in person groups, I wanted to try it on my own. 

Starting TotalFast

I originally started TotalFast back in October 2018 at 17 stone 13lb, dropping to 13 stone 5lb by February 2019 – a loss of 4 stone 7lb in 17 weeks. And I maintained that loss until February 2022, when I lost focus due to a series of family issues.

I went back on plan in January 2024 at 15 stone 10lb until I reached 13 stone 2lb at the beginning of April 2024 – a loss of 2 stone 8lb in 12 weeks.

The first time around I was hungry during the first week. But this time, I knew what to expect and drank copious amounts of water – this is my secret. Whenever I feel any hunger pangs, I reach for water.

If I had to choose a favourite Foodpack, it would have to be my Pasta Bolognese FastPot, although I couldn’t live without my Nut Fudge bar!

Mentoring, Mindfulness, and Support

I weighed in weekly and, with the support of my wife, continued to quickly move towards my target weight. In fact, the main thing that kept me going was this rapid success. Having said that, my Mentor, Amber, has been very encouraging, and my family have been terrific.

How do I feel now? What can I do that I couldn’t before?

I’m retired and play golf twice a week but I no longer feel exhausted halfway round, I just feel really good. And I’m really enjoying wearing the ‘slim’ look and brighter colours, rather than hiding behind black and grey! 

I also visit the gym twice a week and fully participate in various programmes, which has done wonders for my self-confidence. I’m much more confident in what I wear, and how I wear it now. Before LighterLife, I was sometimes taking an XXL with a 44 inch waist, but now I’m Medium and a comfortable 36 inch waist.

And I’ve got a new role at Christmas that I can’t discuss – but it’s with children and a wonderful company called Lapland UK…

What have I learned?

That I probably need to get more involved with my Mentor, to prevent me from slipping back into my old ways!

What I’d say to anyone thinking about starting LighterLife

Firstly, LighterLife works, but it does require a degree of commitment.  I’ve stuck rigidly to my plan, eliminated any alcohol, and my wife has ensured that, “the goodies cupboard is empty!” It really does work, just look at your first week’s progress, and commit.  Don’t forget the water!