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I feel I can look at myself in the mirror and in photographs, and see a happy person!

My clothes were groaning when I took them out to get dressed! Then they no longer fitted. Then I was having to buy another size up, and even that was tight. I kept telling myself I would lose weight “my way”, by being sensible about food types and portions, and thus keep most of my size 10 clothes for when I would get there. Even though I’d already given up on myself once and given loads of lovely clothes to charity. So yes, my weight gain had been brought to my attention!

What was different about LighterLife?

I can remember that light bulb moment, when I knew what was the right thing to do – start a journey with LighterLife. Two things were at play:

– I was going to Uruguay to visit my son to celebrate our birthdays together (on the same day). It was a very special birthday present from my two sons.

– I was with Lorina (a good friend from years back) and I found out she’d just returned to LighterLife as a LighterLife Mentor. I knew I’d be able to work with her to get my body to a happier, healthier weight.

Starting LighterLife

When I started TotalFast, I already had the mindset that I would be flying to Uruguay as a size 10. That was on 7th August 2023, and I weighed 65.5kg. My LighterLife meals arrived quickly and I started on plan on 12th August.


Following the plan

Fast forward to 2nd November 2023 weighing 55.4kg, and I was ready to depart for Uruguay. I had done it, I’d lost the 10kgs I had been trying to lose on and off for such a long time, and I was now a comfortable size 10!! My trip to Uruguay was a dream come true and was made all the better because I loved how I looked and felt.

What have I learned?

I learned that weight loss was about more than losing weight. It was a whole new way of looking at how I eat, what I eat, and learning new habits and behaviours to replace poor habits and behaviours. The mentoring is the most amazing support on the journey, while losing weight sensibly. And I loved discovering a “new me”.

After moving onto the Management plan, I had a month of adjusting to eating correct food and correct portions. And I’d started to understand things that triggered me into poor habits. Being mentored was, and continues to be, very important to the ongoing success of my weight loss.

Now I feel I can look at myself in the mirror, and in photographs, and see a happy person!