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Carrie lost 5st on our TotalFast plan

What’s a few months on the Programme in the scheme of things, to improve the rest of your life?

“I have tried many diets over the years, lost weight, and put it back on. LighterLife is the best thing I have ever done for my weight loss. My only regret is not having done it sooner.

The reason I didn’t go back to other diets is because I didn’t have time to go through my books and calorie count. The simplicity of the LighterLife Programme took that stress away. The stress of daily decisions around food and the battle to make the right choices was removed. Mealtimes with the family was made so much easier for me.

LighterLife supports you every step of the way.

The support from like-minded people, who understand the workings of my brain better than I do, makes me feel like I’m not alone. All the avenues of support from my Mentor, weekly calls, Facebook groups and WhatsApp group is immense. The community is like a family and I intend to stay a part of this family for the rest of my life.

I’ve learned so much about myself and why I have the relationship with food that I do and have built a useful toolbox of strategies to help me through and make changes for the rest of my life. I have printed visuals in my kitchen to keep me on track forevermore.

I love my new wardrobe.

Since losing weight, I have been able to shop for different styles of clothes, which would not have suited me before. I have colour back in my life. It is difficult to choose what to wear daily now…because I have choice. But it’s a difficult decision I’m happy to live with.

I’m wearing jewelry, makeup and generally making more of an effort with my hair and nails and now taking pride in how I look again. My Pandora rings fit again; all my old lovely shoes fit again. I can paint my toenails without having to hold my breath to get there. I can get through the kids’ stair gates, without having to turn sideways first. My twins can fit in our bed for morning cuddles without one of us hanging out of the bed. I weigh less than my husband for once and I can run around with the kids and not get out of breath. I LOVE feeling small.

I am so proud of what I have achieved, and I have so much to shout about in terms of my weight-loss journey and how LighterLife has changed my life.

We know losing weight can be tough, that’s why we have lots of support to help you on your journey. Get in touch with your personal Mentor by doing a postcode search here or emailing findmymentor@lighterlife.com