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How much does the LighterLife diet cost and what benefits do you get?

Following the LighterLife TotalFast plan works out cheaper than you might think.

We often don’t realise how much we spend on food and drink; it all adds up to more than we think. Because on LighterLife TotalFast you don’t have any other expenses in terms of food and drink, you might even save money.

Our clients often tell us…

“I forget about the morning coffee shop visits – I can spend £7 in there before my day even started!”

“I have at least 2 takeaways a week, do they count?”

“When I go to the petrol station, it’s not just petrol I fill up on!”

The added value of support

Not only do you get nutritionally complete great tasting meals that contain a balanced range of vitamins and minerals to keep you satisfied, healthy and energised, whilst meeting all UK National and EU regulations and directives.

The cost of your LighterLife meals gives you so much more than just a plate of food, behind our meals are over 30 years of experience and research. As well as your own Mentor who will be with you every step of the way and will help, encourage, support, laugh and cry with you as you lose weight, and as you work to maintain your weight loss too.

You can access them via Zoom, WhatsApp, text, phone, Facebook live sessions or face-to-face meetings… you choose…. And the best part – it’s free*.

Hear it directly from our clients.

Discover for yourself how £ for lb our TotalFast plan is the cheapest, fastest way to lose weight. Start today, locate your personal Mentor by clicking here.

*Free meetings – Face-to-face meetings are available subject to area, and some may incur a small fee.