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Your own personal support group

If you’re having a tough day, or even a tough week, it can be hard to find someone who’ll understand to reach out to.

Our face-to-face groups give you fully structured support from our expert Counsellors and others who are trying to lose weight. Our meetings will help you to understand the psychology behind weight loss and give you the tools you need for long-term success.

Our weekly meetings are open to everyone on a LighterLife plan, offering you all the advice and help you need to achieve and maintain the shape you want and the life you want. We also run pop-in sessions at our local centres so you can catch up, pick up Foodpacks or have a chat about your progress.

When you join a face-to-face group you benefit from:

  • Get structured advice and support from men and women just like you
  • The experience and expertise of our Counsellors, who guide every session
  • Keep track of your progress with our confidential weekly weigh-ins
  • A proven opportunity to boost your chances of weight loss, based on our extensive research
  • Hundreds of groups across the UK, so you can find one close to you

Claire's story

“I’ve lost over 10 stone and feel incredible!” 

A combination of depression and a busy life led Claire Barratt to gain weight, particularly after her mum passed away.

After discovering that she weighed 21st 7lbs, she realised she had to take action and booked her first appointment with a LighterLife Counsellor.

Read Claire’s story





Find a face to face group near you

LighterLife Meetings & Groups

Support for more effective weight loss

With more meetings and groups than ever before, you can find one that will suit you and give you the support you need.

  • NEW Free Xpress Meetings

    Xpress is our new, flexible approach to help you change your relationship with food. With no joining fee, our meetings are completely free and combine expert eating plans with Mentors who will encourage you to explore your feelings and thoughts towards eating.

    If you want flexible support during your weight loss, or want to find out more about your thoughts and triggers for overeating, Xpress is a great option.

    NEW Free Xpress Meetings
  • Face-to-face groups

    Whatever plan you’ve chosen and wherever you are in your weight-loss journey, our face-to-face groups are open to everyone. You get expert guidance from our Counsellors and the support of other people who share your experiences of weight loss.

    Our structured weekly meetings and Foodpacks will keep you on track and our Counsellors will be there to hold your hand through your whole weight-loss journey.

    Face-to-face groups
  • Online telephone groups

    Our telephone groups connect you to slimmers and Counsellors across the UK.

    They are open to everyone who has or is losing weight with LighterLife, and offer the same fantastic level of support as our face-to-face groups, without you needing to leave home.

    Online telephone groups