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Susan lost 3st 12lb on TotalFast

Susan started LighterLife in January 2021 and went on to lose 3st 12lb.

“LighterLife is just so simple I didn’t have to go food shopping, weigh or measure food. I just ordered my Foodpacks online and they were delivered straight to my door.

Being fat for me was a lonely and isolating place but, at last, I’d found people who understood and could offer support. I love the support from the LighterLife Facebook group, the CBT sessions and my Mentor, Neil.

In my wardrobe I had clothes I’d bought on a whim when I imagined I’d be slim, sizes from 18 to 12, none I wore because I stuck with black jogging bottoms and black tops to cover up.

Since losing weight I sorted through everything, altering lots on my sewing machine, I have put some into bags to pass on or sell and now everything in my wardrobe is a size 10-12 and it fits!

I have learnt that I lived to eat rather than eating to live and that how I treat myself is the basis of being my own best friend that I am valuable in my own way. I love being free.

My energy levels have soared, and I can walk with ease without feeling heavy and tired. I now sleep like a baby but before I used to have a big problem shutting my racing thoughts off.

I love that there is a Management plan because I never learnt how to eat healthily or take care of myself and all I need to do now is follow directions. To keep the weight off I will follow the Management plan and continue using the Foodpacks, which I am happy to do, and plan my menus. I will continue with the Facebook group for myself and to support other LighterLifer’s.

To anyone who has a problem with being overweight or negative thoughts around their body and food, I’d say this is the best thing I have ever done. Do it, you are worth it!