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Since losing weight, Adrian has a new-found passion for cycling again!

Adrian's Fast weight loss transformation journey client success story

At 57 years old, Adrian was a Type 2 Diabetic with high blood pressure. He struggled to maintain a healthy weight due to his long-distance driving job. His shift pattern was lengthy, leaving him with no time to exercise. “I had just had a scare with my GP and knew I had to do something.” Adrian’s wife then introduced him to LighterLife, and his weight-loss journey begun.

Once on the LighterLife Programme, Adrian lost a significant amount of weight. He dropped from 15st 6lbs to 12st and is now happily maintaining his new weight.

Free Mentor support.

My Mentor Tracey made me feel accountable.  I didn’t want to let myself or Tracey down.  I knew that she would know when I did my weekly weigh ins, if I hadn’t stuck 100% to the Programme.

I wasn’t able to attend the free group or the zoom sessions due to my driving job and long hours.  I would however contact my Mentor on a weekly basis and update her with my weight, and we would then talk about any struggles I might have had that week.

I also joined the private LighterLife TotalFast Facebook support group, which helped to keep me motivated, focused and part of the LighterLife family.

I’ve updated my wardrobe!

Since reaching my goal-weight, I need a whole new wardrobe; everything is too big. I now fit into smaller clothes which is a great feeling.  My waist has gone from 45.5 inches to 30 inches.

I have a new found passion for cycling!

One of the benefits of losing weight has been the improvement on my knees. I now have no joint pain. I have always been a keen cyclist but struggled due to the pain it would cause in my knees.  In the past, when cycling I had to get up two hours before setting off to take painkillers before I could go out.

Since losing the weight I have a new-found passion for cycling again.  It’s now pain-free and enjoyable.  I can cycle 26 miles in 1 hour 15 minutes. Before I wouldn’t have even attempted this distance as it was impossible whilst carrying all that extra weight. I have now signed up for the tour of Cambridge and have a JustGiving™ page. LighterLife is sponsoring me for this event.

I am now more mindful of what I eat.

Since joining the LighterLife Programme, I have learnt that I do not need the amount of food I used to consume. I now look at the nutritional value of the food I consume and am aware of the nutritional needs of my body.  I now think about the consequences of my actions when I am eating.  Poor choices = Weight gain.

Adrian’s advice to you.

To anyone considering starting their own journey – I would say just do it! It will be so worth it, and you will see the results almost straight away. It’s not forever, but you have to want it enough to succeed. I wanted to lose the weight and improve my health more than my pint of beer.  The only thing I could think about was focusing on the Programme and reaching my goal-weight. I am proud to say that I did it and you can too. #changeispossible.

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