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3 ways to own your actions during lockdown

Let’s stop thinking of the negatives and use this time wisely to rewire our brains.

Playing the blame game

I was doing so well before my partner stockpiled pizza – Look at what is really being said here.

‘It’s all his/her fault’. We have no power over outside events, but we do have power over how we react to situations. Take responsibility for your actions, consider the consequences and then, if necessary, change your thinking to: ‘No one can make me feel, say or do anything (even eat a pizza) without my permission’.

Support or sabotage?

I’m useless, what’s the point in sticking to plan during lockdown – no one will see me anyway.

Recognise that voice in your head that sometimes mumbles, sometimes shouts? You can use that internal voice to either criticise yourself or offer words of encouragement. Support yourself in the way you would support a friend. Choose ‘support’ not ‘sabotage’. Tell yourself that whatever comes along you will handle it. If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Know yourself!

I feel out of control with my eating. I don’t know where to start?

Be your own detective and build up a comprehensive picture of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food. Self-monitoring will provide you with important information about your ways of dealing with situations and as your awareness grows, so will your ability to change your eating behaviour. Remember, your thoughts create your future.

With the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, stress can cause you to eat unhealthy foods. Break that cycle and take back control of your weight. Continue to reach for your goal with support from LighterLife.