“I feel fitter, sharper mentally and that I’ve achieved something worthwhile”

Kerry Pettitt lost 2st 4lb on LighterLife Total and has been maintaining since March 2018.

I was a shade over 19st when that first picture was taken, in June 2015. I managed to exercise off 3st in a year but then plateaued and couldn’t get any lower. I tried a couple of diets, but nothing worked. So last January I started LighterLife, and the weight just fell off; I got to my target weight of 13st 6lb in 10 weeks.

What made LighterLife so different was not just the rapid weight loss – although seeing results so quickly is obviously greatly motivating – but also the weekly CBT-group calls with my Counsellor, who was incredibly encouraging and understanding. I had a group call every Monday, which helped me focus on the week ahead, and a personal call from my Councillor during the week, and the mindset changes I’ve made as a result have been so important for my success.

The Foodpack options were great, too. l love the Butterscotch Mousse, the Chocolate and Vanilla shakes made up as mousses, all the bars, and the Fruits of the Forest flavouring for my water. There are so many plus points with LighterLife!

I’m now maintaining my weight accurately and relatively easily because, thanks to the group work with my Counsellor, I’ve re-educated myself to have better portion sizes. I also use LighterLife bars to replace meals rather than cooking, and I drink plenty of Fruits of the Forest-flavoured water.

Since losing the weight, my life has changed completely. I’m now regularly complimented on the way I look, and I’m sure people react to me differently; I’m definitely finding it easier to interact with other people. I have more energy too, and I’ve even applied for next year’s London marathon.

What I realised when I hit my goal was that, surprisingly, it hadn’t been that far away. I had always thought getting to my target weight would be a long and very difficult road; I never believed it would be attainable in just 10 weeks.


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