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TotalFast VLCD Subscription + Free Gift: Telephone CBT Mindfulness (worth over £100) + Free Delivery

(16 reviews)
(16 customer reviews)

From: £64.99 £49.99 / week for 12 weeks

All the support, mindfulness, nutrition, and convenience on our TotalFast VLCD plan. For a limited time only get Telephone CBT Mindfulness for FREE, worth over £120 to really sort out...

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    As part of the weekly plan you will join your weekly Facebook Live meetings run by your Mentor, every Wednesday at 1pm, from the comfort of your own space – for tips and advice on healthy living and taking a more mindful approach to your weight and your eating to make sure the lbs you lose on your LighterLife plan stay lost!

    Plus, you’ll enjoy:

    • Handy recordings of all the meetings, so even if you miss the live session, you don’t miss out.
    • Inspiring, motivational posts to keep you on track for success.
    • Great support from your online group, who’ll be sharing your experiences and cheering you on every step of the way!

    Download our handy weekly meal plan here.

    Customise your own weekly meal plan. Just download our blank meal planner here.

    If you have any questions about how your subscription works please see our FAQ’s here.

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    16 reviews for TotalFast VLCD Subscription + Free Gift: Telephone CBT Mindfulness (worth over £100) + Free Delivery

    1. (16 reviews)

      Manon (verified owner)

      Very pleased with the Total plan. I did it for 16 weeks, and lost 30 pounds, taking me into the healthy BMI ‘green’ zone. It was the perfect diet during lockdown; it was delivered to the door, I didn’t have to think about food, the packs are easy to make and I didn’t feel hungry. Best way to knock the creeping weight on the head once and for all!

      • LighterLife Team

        Hi Manon, So glad to hear that you are pleased with the subscription and your weight loss results. I’m sure your Mentor is also very happy for you. Well done you!

    2. (16 reviews)

      KIRSTINE MCDANIEL (verified owner)

      So love being able to choose my own packs – would like to be able to have porridge pots instead of the packets

    3. (16 reviews)

      Sandra (verified owner)

      Love the subscription and that I can personalise it every week. I’m on week 2 of the 12 week plan and lose 6lb in the first week plus subscription was reduced in price as a special offer so I’m buzzing!

    4. (16 reviews)

      Emily (verified owner)

      Love lighterlife and highly recommend it – Love the lighterlife meals, such a great variety! I also enjoy the weekly zoom meetings with my mentor and other group members to share our experiences and help keep each other on track and accountable.

    5. (16 reviews)

      Clare (verified owner)

      Love it , it really works, so happy. – Love the plan l am delighted by the weight loss. The only thing is that l have only had 5 CBT sessions and should have had 8 don’t really know what’s happening. Just started week 7 .

    6. (16 reviews)

      Byrney (verified owner)

      Very good – Very good

    7. (16 reviews)

      Maria (verified owner)

      Diet works variety may make it more successful – Its a shame that the bundles do not include meals that they sell in Superdrug, Banana porridge, apple and cinnamon porrridge, Pasta Carbonara, Amerciana Chicken Noodles, Chckensweetcorn soup

    8. (16 reviews)

      Sharon (verified owner)

      Love bundle set up x – Love the thought everything is set out .

    9. (16 reviews)

      SweetiePicker (verified owner)

      You are guaranteed to loose weight and achieve your dream! – If you want to loose weight fast but also ensuring you get the right balance of nutrition then this is the diet for you but,I would like to be able to choose my own food packs for the bundle.

    10. (16 reviews)

      Maureen (verified owner)

      Very bored when th same thing every week – The 8week food plan is very much the same every week only shepherds pie or Spaghetti Bolognese thought there might have been more choice as it seems they have discontinued the chilli meal need to introduce more variety only ever had vegetable soup and it seems they do other flavours in soup

    11. (16 reviews)

      Judy (verified owner)

      So far so good. I week in. – So far so good. I would have preferred to have chosen some of the food packs as I am not a fan of strawberry or Banana flavours. I would have been happy with porridge every morning.

    12. (16 reviews)

      Tracey (verified owner)

      Tasty and worth every penny! – The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the chilli, but thankfully this has been discontinued. I’m also not a huge chocolate fan, but I’ve loved turning my chocolate shakes into hot chocolate over the winter months.

    13. (16 reviews)

      Maggie (verified owner)

      change some packs – think they can replace the chili for something different

    14. (16 reviews)

      Flo (verified owner)

      Excellent! – Good idea. I like the weekly payment plan meaning I won’t run out of supplies

    15. (16 reviews)

      Claire (verified owner)

      Super convenient! – Really convenient way of ordering but would love the option to choose my own packs…. thankfully the team are quite accommodating in swapping a couple of items!

    16. (16 reviews)

      Toni (verified owner)

      Good, but prefer to choose my food packs – I like this but would prefer to make my own food back choices

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