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Sarah Payne’s story – Lost 8st 3lb

Do you eat when you’re happy? Or when you’re sad? Mindlessly eating an extra 1,000 calories a day left Sarah weighing almost 18st*

  • Weight lost: 8st 3lb*
  • Weight loss plan: Total

Sarah attended weekly group telephone sessions with her trained LighterLife Counsellor and followed the LighterLife Total plan, where she lost a stone a month. Since losing weight she has never felt better. She explains:

“I’d been overweight since around the age of 12. My mother noticed I was gaining weight once I was able to freely go out and buy sweet treats with my pocket money. My weight gain was steady over the years; I found myself in a vicious cycle of losing some weight but would then put it all back on. I never seemed to be able to get it under control.”

“As landlady of a pub in Portsmouth, we serve food for 9 hours a day. The smells wafting around make it pretty hard for me to not think about food. When at home and cooking for the family I’d catch myself finishing the kid’s leftovers, a chicken nugget here, a few chips there, I would forget all about those hidden calories.”

“Then in August 2016, after speaking with a friend who recommended LighterLife, I decided to give it a go. Losing a pound a week just wasn’t motivating enough for me, I needed fast results. After speaking to my GP and getting the ok I joined up immediately. At first I was hesitant about the counselling group, but wanted to give my all to the diet, I was committed to changing my life.”

“Joining a telephone counselling group was something completely new to me, it wasn’t offered with any other diet plan I’d tried before. My LighterLife Counsellor, Kim, helped me to see I was an emotional eater. If I was happy I’d reach for food, if I’d had a bad day I’d find comfort in food. Without the group support I wouldn’t have been aware that my mindless eat left me consuming an extra 1,000 calories a day!”

“On the LighterLife Total plan I ate four tasty products a day, which gave my body all the nutrition it needed. What’s great about the Foodpacks is how easy they fit into my busy lifestyle. I can make a Strawberry Shake in 30 seconds.”

“I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 10, I’ve literally halved in size. My friends and family are stunned by my transformation. Growing up my sister had always been the fit and active one, now I can keep up with her for the first time in our lives!”

“For anyone thinking of joining LighterLife I’d say go for it, it’s saved my life. For me it’s the best way to lose weight because it changes your mindset. I am more determined than ever to maintain my new slender frame with the support of LighterLife.”


*Each of our client’s results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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