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Mary McEvoy

After years of yo-yo dieting, professional stresses and reaching menopause, Mary’s weight had been fluctuating constantly. After turning 60 she realised that she needed to be more aware of her health and in May 2019 was announced as LighterLife Ireland’s first celebrity Ambassador.

  • Weight lost: 4st*
  • Weight loss plan: FlexiFasting
  • Followed by Management


The legendary actress has reached her weight-loss goal with the help of LighterLife, while changing her mindset to ensure she maintains this for good.

Mary followed the LighterLife FlexiFasting Plan which combines effective, nutritious Foodpacks with group counselling based on mindfulness and behavioural change. The weekly support given by Mary’s counsellor helped her to better understand her relationship with food and recognise why she had struggled with her weight in the past.

The plan fits in perfectly with Mary’s busy lifestyle as the products can easily be carried and consumed on the move.

Mary says, “I definitely felt the way I looked after gaining four stone was holding me back professionally and I know too well that the entertainment industry is renowned for having an age limit on women in the spotlight. Wisdom is one my most valuable attributes as an actress and I’m proud of that.

LighterLife is different

LighterLife teaches you to look at your old habits with a new outlook to help you understand where you may have been going wrong. It’s all about making small positive lifestyle changes and creating good habits that you can be proud of.”

Mary attributes her rocketing energy and motivation levels to LighterLife, saying, “The biggest change I’ve noticed, besides the physical weight loss, is that I have so much more energy. My knees no longer hurt and I’ve even gone back to running, slowly, but running. I can also now do yoga poses that I haven’t managed for 30 years”.

Katrina Tansley, Mary’s LighterLife Counsellor, says: “Mary has been incredibly successful with LighterLife and her physical and emotional changes reflect this. Our weight plans give our clients the chance to lose weight and change their mindset to ensure that the weight stays off. We help clients to understand that the route to your stomach is not just through your mouth, it’s through your mind”.

Combining nutritious Foodpacks with mindfulness enables you to change your relationship with food, resulting in successful, long-term weight maintenance. LighterLife has over 30 years of experience and research and has helped over 400,000 people to lose weight and keep it off in Ireland and the UK.”

Mary joins the LighterLife Celebrity Brand Ambassador team alongside actress and TV personality Denise Welch. Denise lost two stone following the LighterLife Total plan in 2013, and now maintains her weight using the LighterLife FlexiFasting plan.