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LighterLife totally changes your relationship with food. And I’m really enjoying the person I’ve become

I’ve started so many diets so many times and none of them worked. Earlier this year, I was feeling very unhealthy, none of my clothes fitted, and I was very self-conscious about my weight. I didn’t want to go on yet another Summer holiday and be wishing it was over the whole time I was away because I was so conscious of the way I looked.

Why did I choose LighterLife?

I thought it would be much easier if I wasn’t constantly thinking about food or alcohol – the meal planning is so simple on LighterLife. And I wanted to see results quickly too. Since starting the programme, I’ve lost 4 stone 11 lbs and dropped 4 whole dress sizes!

Following the plan

During my first week on TotalFast I can honestly say I didn’t feel hungry at all. I was focussed on the plan, not constantly thinking about food, and I had so much more energy.

As time went on, I loved the fact that people very quickly noticed my weight loss – their compliments were a real boost.

Mindfulness and Mentor support

My Mentor, Helen, has been brilliant, so supportive. She sends me inspirational quotes every morning, which sets me up for the day and reminds me why I’m on this journey. And the weekly CBT Mindfulness group Zoom meetings have kept me going.

I really enjoy the opportunity to share how my week is going with our group, they inspire me, remind me why I’m doing this, and keep me motivated. And I love reading other people’s stories on our LighterLife Facebook community page too.

All my friends and family, including my 3 children, have been so encouraging – I’ve been to lots of events while on plan and they’ve supported me rather than trying to sabotage me.

What have I learned from the LighterLife programme?

I’ve learned that food doesn’t have to be my “go to.” Now I’m on Management, I’ll make healthy choices and eat when I need to, not because I think I should. I no longer have alcohol in the house because I don’t need it and feel so much better not drinking. And I don’t want to go back to being the person I was because I’m enjoying the person I’ve become.

My Mentor sent us a quote saying, “The body can survive, it’s the mind you need to convince,” and this has really stuck with me if I’ve ever felt like giving up.

My new lighter life

I feel better than I ever have before, with so much more energy to play with both my children and the children at work (I’m a Specialist Teacher for Special Needs Children). Having completed the Couch to 5K, I’m still going running as I look and feel so much healthier.

And I’m enjoying trying on clothes now too, choosing items that I definitely wouldn’t have looked at before. This is a positive, permanent change so I’m sending all my old clothes to charity as I really want to show off my new size 12 figure. No more feeling  the need to cover up with big, baggy clothes and I’m really excited to buy new clothes for Christmas parties this year.

Because I feel so much better about myself and I’m so much more confident in the way I look, I decided I’d like to meet someone new and start a new relationship – and I have! Now I’m really looking forward to my holiday in Spain next year.

What would I say to someone thinking of joining LighterLife?

The thought of starting is much more difficult than actually doing it. The results are fast, you’ll feel so much better so quickly, and it totally changes your relationship with food. I’ve loved being on the programme, it feels safe. So, I would say, “Do it!”