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LighterLife Management Plan – How to reintroduce food back into your diet!

Congratulations you’ve achieved your goal weight with LighterLife! So, what happens next. Will you go back to old eating habits or maintain your healthy new weight for life with our Management Plan?

The LighterLife Management Plan provides the best strategy for long-term weight maintenance. Management gives you the tools for healthy, balanced thinking, eating and living so that you can continue living your lighter life long after you’ve hit your weight-loss goals.

Why is our Management plan vital?

The Management Plan helps you to find the best way to stabilise your weight and has helped thousands of people keep the weight off. As with the mindfulness topics you explored each week during your weight loss, the management phase will continue to help you put these strategies in place for long-term success.

Just like with driving a car, you continue to learn and develop your skills as a driver long after you pass your driving test!

Reintroduction of food

On TotalFast you’ve had the benefit of Foodpacks and ketosis, getting full nutrition and suppressing your physical hunger. During each phase of Management, you will start to reintroduce a full range of conventional food back into your daily diet. The reason why the reintroduction to food is staggered is so that it gives you time to reflect on particular foods that have led you to gain weight in the past.

The Management Plan will help you create an ideal healthy eating plan – offering recipes and cooking tips for you to play around with. You will learn about different food groups and receive portion advice as well as guidance on how to create a balanced meal.

How long does Management last?

The Management Plan starts with a 6-week phase. Between weeks 1-3 you will reintroduce “baseline” foods designed to work with your body rather than battling it, to help you manage cravings. During weeks 4-6 you will experiment with “trigger” foods that can be problematic. Often these foods are higher in carbs, sugars and fats. This initial 6-week phase is followed by strategies to help you continue to build your personalised long-term strategy.

You can get your free Management Plan from your personal Mentor, or email enquiries@lighterlife.com to request a copy today.