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Want to enjoy December without the weight gain? 2-Step this way…

We all want to have a good time in December, don’t we? None of us wants to feel that sense of looming dread at having to navigate food and drink at social occasions when you’re trying to lose weight. But what if we could make it easier for you to deal with the siren call of all the festive food and seasonal tipples?

Yes, December is a social time, with family and friends, with lots of festive gatherings on the horizon to celebrate the holiday spirit. But if extra holiday weight gain isn’t something you want to head into 2024 with, then you have a conscious decision to make. You can:  

1/ Stay on plan – stick with TotalFast and lose a stone before January.

2/ Eat what you like – and hope you’ll lose the extra pounds with yet another New Year diet plan resolution.

3/ Follow our 2-Step Plan – head into December with a mindful eating plan you know you can follow, and book in with your Mentor to continue progress in January.

What is the LighterLife 2-Step Plan?

It’s designed for you to eat festive food on specific occasions and to fast with your favourite Foodpacks on other days.

  • You have the freedom to decide which days will be “Familiar Fast” and which days will be “Festive Fare” days.
  • You have the choice of when you eat with family, friends and colleagues on the run up to the end of the year, while knowing it’s part of a structured plan.
  • You are in control of your choices and your weight, so you can plan to enjoy this time of year, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

For example, this is what your 2-Step calendar might look like for December, following a sensible portion control routine:

Download your blank 2-Step December planner here.

If you’re planning to remain on TotalFast over the holiday period, good for you, you’ll lose a stone in December. And for those of you who opt for our 2-Step Plan, how much you lose will depend on how many Festive Feast days you choose.

As ever, the choice is yours.

Will you give yourself the best gift this year – to eat, drink, and be merry without the January hangover? Because then, whichever Plan option you go for this December, you’ll know that lighter days are coming in 2024!