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I’m 100% happier, healthier, and I’m able to live the life I want to live

Around 5 years ago I began to experience numbness and tingling in my right hands and feet, progressing across a lot of my right side. Muscle spasms, stiffness, and weakness ultimately resulted in me having to use a rollator to walk even a short distance. My doctor suspected MS and brain scans at the time supported this diagnosis. Of course, I was devastated and inevitably anxiety and depression set in. 

I lost my mum around this time too, and deep in the depths of depression my weight started creeping up and up, which only added to my mobility problems. But then in December 2021, having been trapped in COVID madness and lockdowns for almost 2 years, I decided enough was enough and I needed to do something to help myself. 

Why did I choose LighterLife?

In the past, I’d tried just about every diet you could think of – I started a new diet at least every year! But having worked with LighterLife for 20 years and seen so many people succeed, I knew our programme worked. With no calorie counting or thinking about what to cook, it makes staying on plan so easy.

During the first few days on TotalFast I was tired and had a headache but I knew I just had to get through it. After that, I had more energy than ever before – I can honestly say I NEVER felt hungry! And the fast weight loss was all the motivation I needed to keep going – every week when I got on the scales I could see the pounds dropping off.

Mindfulness and Mentor Support

The mindfulness tools and weekly hot topic discussions kept me focussed and made me think about my choices each week. 

I’ve learned not to use food as comfort – in fact losing weight means I no longer need the comfort as I’m so much happier and healthier. If my health deteriorates in the future, I know I now have the tools to make better decisions around my eating habits, to make sure I don’t fall into the same traps I did in the past.

And the LighterLife Facebook groups are wonderful. Seeing everyone’s success stories helped keep me going. It’s also why I wanted to share my story, so I can give something back and hopefully help someone else to begin their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

My new Lighter Life

I used to hide behind big baggy outfits, but now my clothes are much more varied, fitted, and I have so many more options and choices on the high street. Shopping is my new addiction now, not food!

Although my health symptoms are still there, they’ve vastly improved. I began walking unaided as soon as my weight began to drop, albeit short distances. Then I started jogging and other running programmes, and I now run every week. I’ve actually just run a half marathon! And I’m 100% happier, healthier, and able to live the life I want to live. Although I do spend far more on shopping and clothes now than I ever did…

I started my LighterLife TotalFast plan journey in January 2021, lost 7 stone 2 lbs by July 2021, and I’ve been maintaining that weight ever since.

Natalie’s Top Tip

LighterLife is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. The programme works if you stick to it, use all of the mindfulness tools, and take advantage of the free support from your Mentor and fellow LighterLifers, both in your Mentor’s private group and in our community on Facebook. And take it one day at a time…

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