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Sistema Microwave Bowl


Perfect for microwaving your LighterLife meals


Sistema Microwave Bowls make heating Foodpacks hassle free. The bowls have a clip-on lid to prevent food splatters and a vent to release steam during cooking.

Sistema Microwave Bowls are freezer safe and dishwasher friendly.

Cleaning & Care: Before cooking, spray your container with non-stick cooking spray or oil to help reduce the risk of staining. If staining does occur, we recommend applying a paste of baking soda and water and then rinsing thoroughly, this can help reduce the stain.

Do not use Sistema Microwave products:

In a conventional oven, on a hot plate, under the grill or on the stove

In convection microwave ovens using convection settings

For popping corn

For high fat content food such as bacon

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