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Top tips for sticking to your TotalFast plan this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For many it’s an exciting day that reminds us to give thanks and appreciation to the mothers in our lives. It could be your own Mother’s Day as a parent, the one day a year to really show your aunty how much she means to you, or you might be planning to spoil your own mum on this special day.

Whether you are celebrating yourself, your mum, or another special female figure, remember that the obvious gift of chocolates might not always be the best gift to give. Instead, why not ask for or show your support by helping yourself or your mum keep to her weight-loss plan this year… After all, celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t have to result in a diet sabotage.

Here are some top tips to help YOU enjoy YOUR special day without losing sight of YOUR end goal. (Psst, why not send this blog to your nearest and dearest ahead of time as a hint?).

Capture the years

Create your own personalised photobook – capture the joy of motherhood at different stages, it’ll be something to cherish and look back on over the years.

Time is priceless

Set aside a few hours and simply go out and get some fresh air. Take a long walk, catch up with friends and family and even stop for a cup of coffee. Quality time is priceless, and you should spend it with people you love.

Pamper yourself

Run yourself a bath and use your favourite aromatherapy items, light a few candles, and relax. Or read your favourite book whilst having some quiet time.

Stock up on your favourite Foodpacks

Purchase your favourite LighterLife Foodpacks and set aside for Mother’s Day, so you know exactly what you’re having – you could even make a few LighterLife Jellies the night before, as an added treat. Or try one of our Foodpack hacks.

Do some spring cleaning

If housework is your thing, then spend the day doing some chores, maybe sort out a cupboard or clear some space in your wardrobe for your new smaller sized clothes!

Gifts from the heart

Encourage your loved ones not to give you things that may sabotage your results. Instead, a bunch of flowers, some lovely bath and body items or some LighterLife chocolate products.

To all our LighterLife Mums out there, we hope you have the best day surrounded by love and support. Although you may be on plan this year, just visualise the person you’ll be in just a few short months, looking and feeling your absolute best!

Happy Mother’s Day all!