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Enjoy a Christmas Day feast on plan with LighterLife

Christmas Day will soon be upon us and once the merriments all begin, will you be left feeling excited or nervous about the possibility of coming off plan and out of ketosis? Being surrounded by tempting festive treats can be tricky, but there’s no reason to fret – LighterLife can help you stay on track. You are AWESOME for deciding to stay on plan and in ketosis this Christmas and we have prepared a Christmas Foodpack feast for you to enjoy amongst family and friends.

On the Christmas menu…

– Breakfast –
Our Blueberry Pancakes with a sparkling Sunrise Orange Drink Mix to toast the beginning of Christmas day.


– Starter –
Our warming Vegetable Soup with crushed Cheese and Onion Popped Chips sprinkled on top for that festive feeling.


– Main –
Our hearty Shepherd’s Pie full of nutritional goodness that is sure to hit the spot. Why not add some festive heat with a splash of Tabasco? Couple your meal with a sparkling Pink Grapefruit Drink Mix to toast this Christmas Day.


– Dessert –
 Our delicious Chocolate Orange Mug Cake. Simply mix the Orange Drink Mix with 50ml cold water in a mug, then add the Chocolate Mug Cake and stir well. Microwave for 40-50 seconds and voila – the perfect Chocolate Orange Christmas Cake.


Other festive favourites

LighterLife Black Forest Mousse – 200 kcal per serving

Make a moreish mousse in 5 minutes with the following ingredients:

All you have to do is whisk together the ingredients then leave it to set in the fridge for 10 minutes prior to eating.

LighterLife Festive Trifle – 201 kcal per serving

Tantalise your taste buds with only 15 minutes prep time and the following ingredients:

Step 1.  Mix the Raspberry Jelly then pop into the fridge to set.

Step 2.  Mix the Strawberry Shake with 100ml ice-cold water, add the Mousse Mix and blend with an electric blender for 90 seconds. Pour onto the set Jelly and chill in the fridge for 12 minutes.

Step 3.  Blend the Vanilla Shake with 3 tbsp ice-cold water and spoon over the set Strawberry Shake mix. Pop back in the fridge for 2 mins.

Step 4. Sprinkle the chopped Peanut bar onto the Vanilla Shake mix and serve immediately for your delightful LighterLife Trifle.

Festive Fact

Did you know that the average person puts on 5-10lb between November and January? Just remember – you can enjoy all the magic of the festive months and avoid becoming part of the statistic. With LighterLife, the tools to tackle this wonderful time of year are at your fingertips.

From all of the team here at LighterLife – we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year xxx