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Diet Quality: What is it and does it matter?

LighterLife’s scientists explains why having a nutritious weight loss plan in place, is vital on your weight-loss journey, health and long-term weight management.

It’s well understood that individuals who are overweight or obese must regularly exceed their required daily energy intake; a major contributory factor in their increased body mass. However, whilst people in positive energy balance (gaining weight) are ‘eating too much’, they often do not meet their vitamin and mineral requirements and thus paradoxically in some respects are ‘eating too little’.

What happens when nutrition is missing from your diet?

It is recognised globally, that individuals who are obese or overweight are documented as being at risk for several micronutrient inadequacies, including iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and folate deficiencies to name a few.

There are many modern-day ‘fad weight loss diets’ which aren’t nutritionally complete, and which suggest removing entire food groups to facilitate weight loss. These unbalanced types of conventional food diets can further worsen micronutrient status even if weight loss occurs – which despite the reduction in excess body, is absolutely not the outcome you want.

How to lose weight without comprising on nutrition.

Weight loss programmes, which are designed to be nutritionally balanced and carefully structured to reduce excess calorie intake and ultimately promote healthy eating over the longer term, are positively placed to support increased diet quality, and improve nutritional status overall. Ideally, a plan which provides complete nutritional support in order to shed those unwanted pounds as quickly and safely as possible, and which ultimately encourages a wide range of healthy, tasty foods, alongside the occasional treat for the purposes of longer term weight maintenance, is far more likely to be successful – both in terms of sustained weight reduction and improved nutrient intake.


LighterLife has the winning formula to weight loss.

LighterLife TotalFast is a formula-based very low calorie diet (VLCD) which is designed to replace the whole of the daily diet (total dietary replacement (TDR)) and which offers a wide variety of tasty Foodpacks, specially formulated to contain adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, essential fats, fibre and all your required vitamins and minerals to support healthy rapid weight loss. They also taste great. Our tasty meals, shakes, bars, pots and soups – and you get to choose any four per day that you fancy – are nutritionally complete and currently evidenced for their successful use in weight loss, and subsequent maintenance in the highest quality scientific journals.

So, in a nutshell, for those who wish to lose weight, or even who want to manage their current weight more effectively, having four LighterLife meals in place of conventional food during your weight loss period, guarantees 100% of the reference nutrient intakes of vitamins and minerals. Our follow-on weight management plan further supports this by providing recipes for and encouraging consumption of wholesome dishes, bursting with nutrients which continue to ensure that you are eating a good quality diet. What better way to lose weight and enrich your diet at the same time?

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