The LighterLife 6 Week Challenge #LL6WK

As the summer holidays are now upon us, LighterLife want to help you on your weight-loss journey during your six week break. It’s easy to fall out of routine and binge on unhealthy food during the summer holidays but if we all focus together we can smash the LighterLife 6 week challenge and look amazing by the time the kids are back at school.

Your LighterLife Counsellors or Mentors can help you achieve your goals with the #LL6WK Challenge! The LighterLife community will keep you motivated and on track every step of the way!

All you need to do is download our handy calendar which contains tips and keeps you motivated, then set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve in the 6 weeks summer holiday i.e. lose one stone in 6 weeks, fit in to my favourite jeans, etc.

Then you share your weekly or daily progress on social media through videos or pictures using the hashtag #LL6WK Challenge. Remember to tag in @LighterLife 😊

To download your free #LL6WK Challenge planner click below:

Planner (with children)

Planner (without children)



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