Joe Tonge

Joe’s story

  • Weight lost: 14st 2lbs*
  • Length maintaining: 4 years*
  • Weight loss plan: Total

Joe Tonge – ‘I’ve come out of hibernation’

Joe lost over 14st* on LighterLife Total and has been maintaining his healthy weight for 4 years.*

After his parents split up Joe found he turned to food to numb his feelings, within a few years he’d reached 29st.

“Losing weight seemed like an impossible task. I was stuck. I’d stay in my room playing computer games and eating pizzas, pies, cakes, bread and cereal. I rarely ventured out or caught up with friends. I felt too unattractive.”

“When I joined LighterLife my counsellor was really welcoming and I found the activities interesting. Talking about my issues with food helped relieve my isolation and gave me an insight into why I ate so much. As each day went by I began to emerge from a very dark place.”

Now - still 15st lighter* - Joe is a healthy and confident young man.

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