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Readjusting to life after lockdown

The world has been divided into two types of people during lockdown…

There are those who thought that there was nothing by way of social occasions to get in the way of being on TotalFast, and so losing a stone a month would mean that, like a butterfly, you would emerge from your chrysalis lockdown a number of stone lighter.

And those who thought I’m at home, I can’t go out, there is nothing to do, I’m cold, I’m bored, I am being driven mad by the loneliness/the people I live/work with, I’m wearing baggy joggers… and just one more won’t really hurt!

Which one are you?  Where are you now?

Are you regretting the choices you made, or are you revelling in the results of those decisions you made?

As we come out of lockdown we begin to do things like going to the cinema, theatre, sporting events, and interacting with our friends and family that we now look at in a different way – we used to take it all for granted, we now think of it as special, and even a little bit scary or even ‘naughty’!

So how do we cope with the new normal and still remain focused on our weight loss and weight maintenance journey?

How do we become more mindful and focus on making better choices?

Remember when there was no traffic, the streets were quiet, the kids could ride their bikes and a daily walk was special.  We asked if we had to go back to the old life of hurry, bustle stress and traffic fumes.

Only you can make a decision about what your “new normal” will look like!

You don’t have to go back to your ‘old normal’, you can make the decision about what your own ‘new normal’ will be.

It might be to carry on with TotalFast and get to your weight loss goal, or make time for a walk more often, take up a new career, focus on a new way of living and eating that will keep your weight steady.

Lockdown has given us the opportunity to see that lifestyle changes are possible, now is the time to look at the things you want to keep and the things you want to change.

Focus on the support available and the directions you want to go, so you make your new lifestyle one that is positive and gives you the things that you really, really, want.

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