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The new you in 3 steps

Total (Total Diet Replacement/TDR)

Our fastest, most effective £ for lb plan. Simply replace all food with four Foodpacks every day to get all the nutrition you need, on our very-low-calorie diet (VLCD).

Do this and you’ll lose around a stone a month.  This healthy and fast weight loss is impossible on a conventional food diet.

FlexiFasting (intermittent fasting)

This plan is as flexible as you want it to be.  You choose how many Foodpacks you have, along with conventional food choices.

The more you stick to four Foodpacks a day and the less conventional food you eat, the faster the rate of weight loss.


Our Management plan is the perfect plan to support you once you have reached your weight loss goal.

Now that you know the plan, browse our shop and pick your delicious Foodpacks and extras.

Choose your favourite products with ease with our carefully selected LighterLife bundles. If you’re a newbie, go for one of our Starter bundles – all your meals for your first 7 days on our Total VLCD plan in one quick and easy order – while our 8-week subscription gives you all the support, mindfulness and nutrition you need for 8 weeks on Total

When you checkout, pick a LighterLife CBT Mindfulness & support package. It’s designed to explore your feelings and thoughts towards eating. You’ll stay motivated and on track, so you can develop new skills such as mindful eating to help you maintain your weight in future

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