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I lost 2st in 2 months and found a new career

I never guessed when I first walked into a LighterLife Xpress meeting that I would find a new life in more ways than one. I’ve been to many slimming clubs, typically lost a few pounds only to regain. It didn’t take long to realise that this was different. We didn’t spend our time talking about recipes and exercise but focused on discussions about why we had gained weight in the first place and how we needed to change to create a better relationship with food. That was back in 2017.

The meetings became an important part of my life. Everyone was so supportive, and my Mentor was very encouraging. It was she who opened my eyes to starting my own business as an LighterLife Mentor. She talked me through the day to day involvements of the job. It really sounded like it would suit my busy life with small children perfectly. It would mean I could be there for every school drop off and pick up.

 I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough, but she assured me that my personal experiences would stand me in good stead.

I love my new career

I’ve run my own business in the past and loved reaping the benefits of my own hard work. It’s great being my own boss. It was simple to apply to become a Mentor, and the company was very professional yet friendly.

I love it! I have the independence that working for yourself promises, but I also have that comfort blanket of working with a company that’s been around for three decades supporting me to get my business off the ground. Training was great. They give me the help, encouragement and practical tools I need to offer great LighterLife Meetings to my clients.

Practicalities of being a LighterLife Mentor

I run three groups a week. One on Monday mornings, the second on Tuesday evenings and the third on Thursday mornings and I’m planning to open more. I run the meetings from a local venue and have the benefit of working from home doing admin, answering enquires and supporting clients in WhatsApp groups. It gives me the flexibility to be a mum and wife but also run my own business. It fits perfectly into my busy life.

Such a rewarding career

I love seeing the transformation in people and helping them on their journey. I know LighterLife are expanding and I can’t recommend this enough, I am following a career that I am passionate about and my clients are an inspiration to me. As someone who has been through the journey myself, I have complete trust in the LighterLife programme.

LighterLife says

If you are considering a career change, call our recruitment team on 01279 636988 or email: recruitment@lighterlife.com. This could be your perfect chance for a new start, a better salary, flexible working hours and job satisfaction. Let your passion lead the way.