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Celebrities who have Type 2 diabetes…

Type 2 diabetes isn’t the sexiest of headline-grabbing subjects and despite its prevalence, many people don’t really understand much about it, nor about the risks they may run for developing it.

But this is changing, not least due to the growing numbers of our population who are being diagnosed, but also because there’s been press attention on celebrities who have Type 2 diabetes. From politicians, to actors, to athletes, they’re giving it more exposure in mainstream media, raising awareness and helping more of us to recognise the signs and symptoms.

What’s the difference between Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes?

Whichever type of diabetes you have, it basically means there’s too much glucose (a type of sugar) in your blood due to a problem with your insulin hormone.

With Type 1 diabetes, your body can’t make any insulin at all due to your immune system attacking and destroying your insulin-producing cells. So, this is known as an autoimmune condition.  

However, with Type 2 diabetes, your body isn’t making enough insulin for a variety of reasons, including diet and weight management. 

Celebrities who have Type 2 diabetes

Halle Berry

Halle Berry was diagnosed in 1989 with Type 2 diabetes due to a genetic link. To keep herself healthy and control the condition, she relies on a personal trainer and yoga to help her keep fit, and also follows a strict diet of vegetables and protein to manage her blood-sugar levels.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has spoken openly about suffering from Type 2 diabetes, suggesting that his unhealthy lifestyle and food habits when he was younger were likely the main cause of his diagnosis. However, he’s also mentioned in multiple press interviews that he’s working with his doctor to lose enough weight so that he will hopefully reverse the condition – which is inspiring sufferers all over the world.

George Lucas

Most famously known for the Star Wars franchise, the director, producer and screenwriter was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes during an army physical when called up to serve in the Vietnam War. He’s been living with it ever since – not that he’s let it stop him from becoming the massive success he is today.

Diane Abbott

It was only when the veteran Labour MP pulled out of campaigning in the 2017 general election, blaming ill health for a number of car-crash press interviews, that it emerged Diane Abbott had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 2 years earlier. Her hectic election schedule meant meals were skipped and her blood-sugar levels “were out of control”, affecting her media performance –  highlighting the importance of nutrition for sufferers.

Sir Steve Redgrave

The retired British rower and Olympic gold medallist has been open about his experience with Type 2 diabetes, when he was diagnosed in the middle of his training and preparation for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. He emphasises the importance of regular exercise and eating a healthy diet in managing the condition – and still managed to win his fifth gold medal at those games.

Paul Hollywood

The celebrity chef, known for his role on “The Great British Bake Off,” revealed in 2017 he’d been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He reportedly made changes to his diet and lifestyle to better control the condition.

James Earl Jones

The actor found out he had Type 2 diabetes after he fell asleep sitting on a bench at the gym. Since then, he’s relied on his family to help him eat more healthily as he loves doing theatre, films, and television shows. As he didn’t want that life to stop, he had to take responsibility for his condition.

Can you live well with Type 2 diabetes?

Taking inspiration from these 7 celebrities above, clearly, yes, you can. And here are some other famous people and celebrities who have Type 2 diabetes including actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, and authors.

Type 2 diabetes affects 90% of people living with diabetes, so the more open we are about how we manage our condition, the easier it becomes to deal with.

An EU-funded PREVIEW scientific study revealed that 8 weeks weight loss with a formula-based very low calorie diet meant that only 6% of participants went on to develop Type 2 diabetes. Losing weight makes it easier for your body to lower your blood sugar level, and can improve your blood pressure and cholesterol too.

Weight loss success with LighterLife

Of course, there are many treatments for weight loss. But what still eludes even more of us is the ability to manage and maintain that loss in the longer term, if we don’t tackle the underlying reasons for weight gain in the first place.

As so many yo-yo dieters will know all too well, treating the physical symptoms alone don’t work. You need encouragement and support to build your mental toolbox, to help you make different choices and responses to an emotional trigger rather than reaching for yet another cake.

If being overweight is the cause of your Type 2 diabetes, then that’s where we come in. Our award-winning, science-backed programmes have helped more than 1,000,000 clients lose weight and keep it off for good over the last 35 years. 

Being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is very far from the end of the world. It’s treatable and, in many cases, reversible.

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