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LighterLife research highlights

As well as being an effective weight loss and maintenance programme for individuals in good health, LighterLife’s Total very-low-calorie (VLCD) has been shown to be equally effective for those who face additional barriers in achieving weight loss or for whom ‘traditional’ weight-loss methods are largely ineffective, including those with type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It may also be a viable alternative to bariatric surgery.

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LighterLife weight-loss research: VLCD & LCD

Weight loss on LighterLife Total VLCD: average 3st (19kg) lighter in 12 weeks

LighterLife clients’ success on the Total very-low-calorie diet (VLCD) is highly consistent year on year, and clinically significant at an average 18.6% of body weight lost.

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Weight loss on LighterLife Lite LCD: average 1st 3lb (7.9kg) weight loss in 8 weeks

Clients on the Lite low-calorie diet (LCD) typically lose a clinically significant 10% of their body weight in just two months.

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LighterLife weight-management research post-VLCD/LCD

Weight management after LighterLife VLCD: ‘Maintenance of clinically significant weight loss is evident up to 4 years later’

Ongoing support from the LighterLife Management programme helps VLCD clients maintain their weight loss in the long term – our data now tracks 4 years post-weight loss.

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Weight management after LighterLife LCD: ‘Meaningful weight maintenance can be achieved’

Lite clients enjoy long-term success, thanks to the support they receive as members of our unique Management programme.

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Health & wellbeing on the LighterLife Programme

‘There were clear associations between improving weight and overall quality of life on LighterLife’

LighterLife empowers clients to create a healthier life, and our research shows just what that means for participants in practice.

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LighterLife’s psychological approach

‘People overeat to meet an emotional rather than a physical need’

LighterLife’s ground-breaking, group-based psychological approach empowers clients to change their mindset in order to support the sustainable changes in their lifestyles that are necessary for long-term weight management.

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