Who are we?

We are the team behind LighterLife, and we are on a mission to tell the truth about obesity. We produced the award-winning Broccoli & Brains magazine and blog because we need to shout more loudly. We need you to hear us. We need you to know that the confusing messages we have been fed for decades around “eat less and do more” have not, and will not, solve the obesity problem raging in this country. Cut the lies. Share the conversation. Join the revolution.

“I hadn’t realised I was an emotional eater”

Overweight since childhood and a veteran dieter, Sarah Payne found the key to lasting weight management and a healthier relationship with herself and with food […]

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Why Big Food is worse than Big Tobacco ever was

While it’s better known for its outlandish claims rather than high moral standards, one thing the tobacco industry never openly did was target young children […]

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What exactly is ketosis?

Restricting carbs to switch the body into ketosis – its fat-burning mode – has an impressive scientific pedigree for fast, healthy weight loss. So why […]

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No, a sugar tax won’t save us

We have created a civilisation that does not suit our bodies. Every element that makes this sea of fat – processed food, long hours, the […]

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Fat and pregnant – helping obese mums

Nearly 50% of pregnant women in Britain are overweight of obese, forcing hospitals to install reinforced, oversized “bariatric” beds, chairs and operating tables – and […]

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