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Julie Moakes

‘I want people to realise there is no quick fix, but you can be fixed. Once you get at why you are eating everything in sight, then you can start to change.’ ’

  • Weight lost: 9st 3lbs*
  • Weight loss plan: Total
  • Followed by Management


When gastric bands and bypasses failed Julie, LighterLife triumphed and led to a 10 stone weight loss*. Then when a routine company medical showed her that she was dangerously overweight – tipping the scales at over 21 stone – she was putting her health in grave danger.

‘I learned from the medical that I was reducing my life expectancy by 20 years which was shocking to hear, it really frightened me. I talked to her about my weight issues and she mentioned that a client of hers had lost weight successfully on LighterLife.

I’d been on pretty much every diet, I even went as far as surgery, but nothing worked long term, the weight would still pile back on. I had a gastric band fitted a few years ago but it all went wrong and I was rushed to hospital to have it removed shortly after. I turned to a private clinic who gave me a gastric bypass, which only gave me short terms results. I desperately wanted something that would ‘fix’ the problem for good.

So I got in touch with my local LighterLife Counsellor and through the group work quickly realised


“If you really want to lose weight you have to get to the root cause. I had to learn to understand my relationship with food if I was to have any success.”


Within a few weeks of being on the programme I felt such a passion to show people that it really works! I tapped into some emotional unhappiness I didn’t realise I was harbouring – I learnt the triggers and I learnt how to manage them, I was taught these tools to handle the difficult situations in life. I use my toolkit to be a better person, a better mother friend and employee. The programme is life changing.

My husband has always been a fantastic support; I was 24 stone when he married me, and whilst he loved me for ‘me’ he was always just worried for my health. I have two children aged 20 and 12, and also two foster children – my daughter loves that I can now get in her tops! They can all see a real difference in me.

I lost a further stone* on the Management plan, I’m active and I now have the freedom to shop anywhere. My colleague once said to me she could hear me gasping for breath when I arrived at work – she can’t hear me coming now!’


*Each of our client’s results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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Each of our client’s results and stories are unique to them and their experience of LighterLife. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.

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