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Zoe’s Xpress success

Eleven years ago, Zoe Hannan lost over 5st with LighterLife and has maintained ever since – even after having her son, Oscar. She’s now a LighterLife Mentor, running weekly Xpress Slimming Club meetings in Preston and using her experiences to help her own clients achieve their weight-loss goals. This is her story…

“When I joined the RAF at 18 years old I was 9st 13lb. By the time I returned from my first tour of Bosnia in 1999, I was almost 15st. I remember my mum telling me how fat I’d got and that I needed to lose weight. I put the weight gain down to the drinking culture and desk-based work. The more my mum mentioned my weight, the more rebellious I became. My full figure became my new “normal”.

Some years later I saw my best friend lose an incredible 6st in 6 months with LighterLife ahead of her wedding, going from a size 22 to a size 8. Seeing her walk down the aisle in her dream dress inspired me to start my own LighterLife journey and to lose over 5st.

Weight loss is emotionally tough when you’re losing small amounts week on week, but on the LighterLife Total plan it’s different; losing 3-5lb a week is so motivating and helps you to stay focused. Seeing how everyone else has got on each week at your meetings is always inspiring, too.

Not only do I now look healthier than before, but I feel it too. During my weight-loss journey, I realised that food wasn’t just my indulgence or escape; it had become an addiction. When you come to that realisation it’s hard to know what to do next, and that’s where LighterLife is so helpful.

With LighterLife you learn mindfulness techniques that give you the tools to deal with this and work through it. You get to understand that it’s not just the food you put in your mouth that causes weight gain, it’s the negative mindset and feelings of being alone that can make you feel it’s never going to change.

At my Xpress meetings, not only do I advise my clients on how to deal with these situations, I also provide tips and advice to help them keep the weight off for good. Ultimately, I have been through it, I understand the highs and lows and, together, we all support each other to hit our goals. I’m forever getting asked how I lost my weight, so being a Mentor means I can shout it from the rooftops!”

You too can create your own successful, fulfilling career with LighterLife Xpress, just like Zoe.


“Zoe is absolutely amazing, so supportive and encouraging – a real credit to your organisation. No matter what I ask, or what troubles I turn up with, she is always ready to listen and offer support. She is an inspiration and goes above and beyond being a weight-loss support mentor.”

Helen, LighterLife Xpress member


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