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The Support You Need

Every morning we wake up and make a choice — we either work towards our dreams or keep on dreaming them. Let’s face it, we’re only human and every single one of us has at some point given up on a personal goal or dream…but let’s break old habits and make 2020 the year to achieve our goals and start living our dream!

Have you ever started a weight-loss plan and thought to yourself, how am I going to be able to do this?! Well we have the answer for you – SUPPORT. With support anything is possible, and with LighterLife you will have that support on your weight-loss journey!

At LighterLife we offer all clients support at our nationwide Xpress meetings where clients can enjoy the following:

  • Free weekly meetings, including weigh ins
  • No joining fee
  • A new approach to a healthy mind and body
  • Access to LighterLife’s range of products
  • Fast weight loss – lose up to a stone a month

Group support made all the difference to our client Lindsay Melville who relished her weekly meetings. This is where she was able to reflect on her past eating behaviour and develop new mindfulness techniques to maintain her new weight.

“Not only was it great to share the journey with people who understand, it made me hold myself accountable to my behaviour with food.”

LighterLife support helped Lindsay to achieve her goal weight by losing an incredible 13st 13lb. Lindsay not only feels amazing, but she is now living her dream and learning how to windsurf.

With LighterLife support, YOU too could be living your dream!

Find your nearest Xpress meeting here and remember to join our Facebook online support group here.