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The 28 Day Challenge with LighterLife

Statistics show that the average weight gain during lockdown is 1½ stone.

This is the time to shift the weight you put on over lock-down and think about getting your body into the best possible shape ready for whatever your future brings.

The LighterLife 28 Day Challenge is here to help you lose your lockdown weight and get your mind and body in tip top condition.

We know that losing weight alone is hard.  That’s why LighterLife has always had groups of people losing weight together, you support others and in return, you get masses of support from them.

You don’t do it alone, but you alone can do it!!

We offer virtual Mentor support wherever you live – either with someone local to you, or through our e-support network: Counselling groups on the telephone, Facebook sessions, and lots more.

Start your 28 Day Challenge by deciding where you are going to access your CBT support –download your 28 day Weight Tracker and your Meal Planner.

It’s important to set a goal for yourself; make a note of this on your Weight Tracker and keep reminding yourself what your goal is.

A guideline for goals is that it should be SMART:







Your SMART goal could be:

I will access CBT sessions, stick to my LighterLife plan and be more active, every day of the LighterLife 28 day challenge.

This is your challenge, set your own SMART goals and share your progress with others on the LighterLife 28 day Challenge.

If you aren’t already a member of our Facebook community, please join our page and be part of it! Join here.

Start your journey today and optimise your future. What have you got to lose?