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Stay on target with your free LighterLife app

When you’re working hard to manage your weight, the more you plan for success and the more support you can get, the better. With our new Numee app, you’ve got planning and support in your pocket 24/7 – and it’s totally free!

The Numee app features a customisable Dashboard where you can choose your Numee character (avatar) to give you lots of friendly support on your journey, set your goals and write up your personal promises to yourself.

The goals you set are added to the Progress section, along with your emotions, weight, BMI, steps and water intake. You can also track the points you win by using the app, and the badges they convert into.

And there’s more!

  • With the private timeline you can keep track of updates and changes in your life, including photos and status – which you can share if you want to, but otherwise will be for your eyes only
  • Flex your mindfulness skills with the E+R=O page – it will get you thinking about “why” things turn out like they do. When people don’t like outcomes (O), they often blame events (E), but it’s actually the responses (R) they choose that drive those outcomes (E+R=O). For example, you’re losing weight well on your LighterLife plan then one day you are offered pizza for dinner (the event). Choose to eat it (response) and you’ll gain weight and probably feel guilty and upset, which is likely to lead to more eating (outcome). Choose to have your LighterLife shake instead (response), and you’ll continue to lose weight (outcome) and feel good for keeping to your plan.
  • To help you deal with challenges (including those “events” above!), the Stop and Think section has some really useful tools – including a calming breathing exercise to give you the space to refocus on your goals, and access to your progress and personal promises for a motivating boost. It also takes you straight to our free H2OH! game, which is great for taking your mind off irritations and cravings (available free on the Apple App Store).
  • The Plan Ahead section notes upcoming events and weekly group-counselling sessions (available on all LighterLife plans).
Download Numee from the Apple App Store for free. (We don’t yet have an Android version, but watch this space!)

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