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Fragrant Thai Noodles FastPot Meal Replacement

Fragrant Thai Noodles FastPot Meal Replacement

Just add hot water for a delicious, nourishing Meal replacement packed with protein, vitamins & minerals – can be used for Total,* Lite, Fast and Management plans

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The LighterLife Fragrant Thai Noodles FastPot is deliciously aromatic, with a gentle spicy flavour.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, the gently spiced Thai noodle pot tastes really good and has 1/3 of your daily nutrition in around 200 calories.  You'll love how this convenient low calorie meal tastes so great, and is so good for you!

Just add boiling water, stir, leave for a few minutes and then eat.  It's such an easy way to make sure you're having a healthy meal you'll want to make sure you have a few stashed away at home, work - wherever you go!

The Fragrant Thai Noodles FastPot is perfect as a low calorie meal option alongside any 3 LighterLife Foodpacks and a serving of salad or vegetables on the Lite plan.

They are a fantastic option on the Total*, Fast and Management plan, either as one of your three or four LighterLife products on a fast day, or as a quick and easy meal on a non fast day!  

*Can be enjoyed as part of a very low calorie diet or as part of our Total plan. We advise you should only have one meal replacement FastPot or meal replacement bar a day when following a VLCD plan.

Suitable for vegetarians

Customer Reviews
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  • Great Taste and enough to suffice the evening meal

    (Posted on 08/06/2020)

  • These are a favourite - I add just slightly less water than the line indicates, mix well and leave a little longer than 5 minutes. My only wish is that were also available in sachet form to make up at home - would save on plastic!

    (Posted on 15/04/2019)

  • I would have loved this except that, to my tastes, it has a very strong flavour of coriander. The texture is nice, and it\'s lovely and filling just like the other FastPots, but as someone that can\'t stand coriander, this one just isn\'t one I\'ll get again.

    (Posted on 18/03/2019)

  • Much more socially acceptable to sit eating one of these when eating with others

    (Posted on 09/03/2019)

  • Very tasty, easy to make would recommend

    (Posted on 05/03/2019)

  • Huge improvement in usability over foodpacks. It's much easier to ask for hot water in a restaurant/cafeteria/office than for access to a microwave and staff are always very understanding. Tastes great and makes LL lunches really easy!

    (Posted on 04/10/2018)

  • This has good flavour and I like it but I find it has a lightly gritty texture to it, and slightly unpleasant aftertaste, it's the same after taste you get with the shepherds pie. I am sure this is something that could be remedied with a recipe tweak as the bolognaise doesn't have this - and I just thought it was a good idea to feed this back.

    (Posted on 17/09/2018)

  • Absolutely gorgeous really tastes like Thia noodles so yummy

    (Posted on 21/08/2018)

  • I really like this one its a lovely flavour and it just needs to be left long enough to be rich and satisfying ,would love to see some more like this.

    (Posted on 05/06/2018)

  • Why is this out of stock for so long? When will it be back?

    (Posted on 14/05/2018)

  • This tastes really lovely, it has a really nice flavour and doesn't taste powdery - it's like 'real' food :)

    (Posted on 15/03/2018)

  • Love the convenience of it, and the aroma of lemon grass & coriander. The creamy noodle pot is my favourite though!

    (Posted on 19/12/2017)

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