How to follow your plan


Total dietary replacement (TDR) plan

4 Foodpacks a day + unlimited extras
Include one of our delicious meal replacements as one of your 4 a day
600 - 800 kcal very-low-calorie diet
Your vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats, fibre and carbs in around 600 kcal a day
No cooking, no weighing, no measuring
Life-changing group counselling
24/7 online support & community


Flexible intermittent fasting plan. You choose how many Foodpacks you have along with conventional food choices. For instance:

Some days each week replace all your meals with four Foodpacks.
Alternatively replace some meals with Foodpacks every day and add a conventional meal.
Or a mix of the above to fit in with your lifesyle.

You can use Foodpacks and our new Nutripots any day as convenient healthy, meal-replacement options.

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