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7 Mixed Shakes & Desserts

7 Mixed Shakes & Desserts

Includes 1x Banana Shake, 1x Strawberry Shake, 1x Vanilla Shake, 2x Chocolate Shakes, 1x Chocolate Mug Cake and 1x Blueberry Pancakes. Suitable for VLCD

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Fancy something sweet as part of your low or very low-calorie diet? This 7 Mixed Shakes and Desserts pack is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Includes 2x Chocolate Shakes, 1x Banana Shake, 1x Strawberry Shake, 1x Vanilla Shake, 1x Chocolate Mug Cake and 1x Blueberry Pancakes.


Preparation instructions and ingredients can be found here:


Chocolate Shake: http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/chocolate.html

Vanilla Shake: http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/vanilla-shake.html

Strawberry Shake: http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/strawberry-shake.html

Banana Shake: http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/foodpacks/all-products/banana-shake.html

Blueberry Pancakes: https://www.lighterlife.com/shop/blueberry-pancakes.html

Chocolate Mug Cake: http://www.lighterlife.com/shop/chocolate-mug-cake.html


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