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Top tips for sticking to your TotalFast plan this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For many it’s an exciting day that reminds us to give thanks and appreciation to the mothers in our lives. It could be your very first Mother’s Day as a new parent, the one day a year to really show your aunty how much she means to you, or you might be planning to spoil your own mum on this special day.

Whether your celebrating your mum or another special female figure, remember that the obvious gift of chocolates might not always be the best gift to give. Instead why not show your support by helping her keep to her weight-loss plan this year… After all, celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t have to result in a diet sabotage.

Here are some top tips to help YOU enjoy YOUR special day without losing sight of YOUR end goal. With the current situation you may need to get more savvy with your contact with higher risk groups, however you can still enjoy Mother’s Day (Psst, why not send this blog to your nearest and dearest ahead of time?).

  • Create a personalised photobook – capture the joy of mum at different stages during her life.
  • Spend some quality “us” time – block out a few hours and simply go out and get some fresh air together. Take a long walk, catch up and even stop for a cup of coffee. Quality time is priceless, and you should spend it with people you love.
  • Buy her some bath salts or aromatherapy items so she can pamper herself at home. She will appreciate the relaxation time. Visiting the Spa together once everything is back to normal might be a nice thing to plan in for the future.
  • Purchase her favourite LighterLife Foodpacks and wrap them up with a bow. She’ll love you for supporting her to stay on plan.
  • Finish all the household chores. Why not put on a wash, empty the dishwasher and hoover around the house. Keeping the house clean has never been so important. (This tip is also helpful all year round, not just on Mother’s Day).
  • Take her on a virtual shopping spree. She may not have hit her dream weight yet but there’s no stopping you buying her a new bag, scarf, shoes or jewellery. Accessorise to the max!
  • Video call your mum if she is self-isolating. There’s nothing quite like seeing your child’s happy face, even if you are not able to physically be with them this Mother’s Day.

To all the LighterLife Mums out there, we hope you have the best day surrounded by love and support. Although you may be on plan this year just visualise the person you’ll be in just 12 short months, looking and feeling your absolute best!

Happy Mother’s Day all! Stay Safe!