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Jacqueline dropped 5 dress sizes on TotalFast

Jacqueline Patel weighed over 16st 2lbs and suffered with knee troubles for many years. In 2019 she was forced to walk with crutches as her knee would dislocate two to three times each day.

After a check-up with her doctor, Jacqueline was advised that she would need a total knee replacement. Her surgeon advised Jacqueline to lose half a stone within one month, ready for surgery in December 2019. In November Jacqueline therefore decided to join LighterLife and started the TotalFast plan to make this happen.

‘By the time I had my surgery on 24th December I had lost one and a half stone. My surgeon was very happy and made me laugh as he took me out into the corridor where other patients were waiting. He told everyone that he’d asked me to lose half a stone and I had lost one extra stone, and everyone clapped.’

After surgery Jacqueline had some time off from TotalFast but still managed to maintain her 1st 7lb weight-loss. When she started back on TotalFast some months later, she managed to achieve her goal weight of 11st by June 2020.

‘I feel so much better after losing 5st 2lbs in weight. My heart rate is now very low in comparison. I can walk better, I sleep more comfortably, and I can climb trees again, even at the age of 60.

I feel so much healthier. I’ve had no colds or viruses in the last year. I love being able to fit into my swimsuits and not having to wear a tent instead. I love my sports and can now enjoy them without getting tired since losing weight. That makes me so happy.

I hate cooking so for me the Foodpacks take out all the stress of having to think what to eat. My favourite LighterLife meals are the Fragrant Thai Noodles FastPot Meal Replacement, Salted Caramel Meal Replacement Bar and Banana Shake.  I still enjoy them all. I love not having to shop, especially with Covid and lockdown.  My kind of cooking.’