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It’s Spring and time to start peeling off the layers of clothes

The evenings are lighter, spring is here, and it feels like we can start peeling off the layers of clothes, just like peeling off the layers of an onion as summer get nearer.

What are we going to find underneath those sweaters – will it be the healthy body or will there be a few layers of fat there too?

Perhaps, for now, you can hide those layers under a cardigan…. But for how long?

There will come a time when wearing a cardigan as camouflage just wont work as the sweat runs down your back and someone asks ‘aren’t you hot in that’?

This year we might not spend holidays by the pool – for those who carry too many layers that might even be a relief.

The kids or your friends are happily splashing in the water and you are sitting on the side-lines wrapped in a towel or a sarong, pretending that you are OK, just waiting for this holiday hell to be over.

Fat people understand.  Normal weight people will tell you that you are beautiful as you are, don’t worry about it – but you know you could feel a lot more beautiful if you had only started the diet a few months ago.

Make 2021 different!

We can deal with the uncertainty, the worry, of being with your family too much or not enough by talking to others, taking up old/new hobbies or crafts, turning out cupboards, binge watching TV, writing that book – in fact a whole host of ways.

We may be trying to deal with concerns by trying to eat them.  That may feel good for a very short while, and then comes regret and then remorse.  And those concerns will still be there; food doesn’t fix them.

Make the choice to lose the weight, now, while your friends, colleagues and extended family are not going to ask you to go to some social function that involves food or drink or both.

Our Foodpacks explained

LighterLife Foodpacks contain 100% of all the vitamins and minerals you need in a day.  You are better nourished while taking Foodpacks than most of your family and friends.  And research has proved that there is a higher risk of Covid-19 complications for the obese.

By starting now, you could be 3 stone lighter by summer – that’s 3 or 4 dress sizes, 6 inches off your waistband.

What have you got to lose?