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HMRC update on VLCD bars

We are sorry to have to tell you that from November 8th 2018 the price of our total diet replacement (TDR/VLCD) bars – Nut Fudge, Toffee and Crispy Peanut – due to a decision by HMRC, will have to include VAT and will be going up to £2.49.

HMRC has made the decision to levy VAT on these 150 kcal VLCD bars claiming they are “confectionary” – even though HMRC had previously ruled that they were exempt from VAT because they were diet foods and meet all the rules and regulations for a TDR.

In the light of the government’s declared intention to tackle obesity and type 2 diabetes, overwhelming evidence from Diabetes UK that TDR plans with products like our bars play a significant role in achieving remission for those with type 2 diabetes, saving the NHS millions of pounds in medication bills, and preventing surgical interventions like amputations, it seems perverse that HMRC have now decided to tax these products.

Their claim that if the bars didn’t taste so good they wouldn’t have been reclassified by HMRC as confectionary begs the question, do they believe people with obesity who are doing something about reducing their weight should be punished by having to eat unpalatable foods?

Needless to say, we will be appealing HMRC’s decision.